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Ibere Ward 2 In Ikwuano LGA, Abia State, Nigeria

( 2008 – 2010 Legislative Session).

Hon. Emmanuel

Hon.(Chief) Unegbu Emmanuel Unegbu.

I Am From Umulu Community, Ibere Ancient Kingdom, Ibere Clan, Ikwuano LGA, Abia State, Nigeria.

I Am A Christian, I Am Married With Five (5) Children (2 Daughters & 3 Sons). I Am 53 Years Old Presently. I Was Born On The 23rd Of June, 1970.

I Am A 1995 Graduate Of Estate Management, Calabar, Cross River State & I Served 1995/1996 At Abeokuta, Ogun State.

I Am A 2014 Graduate Of Conflict Resolution & Crisis Management, NOUN, Umudike Study Center.

I Am A Fellow Of The Chartered Institute Of Administration (fcia).

Chieftancy Title
Campaign Won
Term / Tenure

I Have Seven (7) Chieftaincy Titles I Received From Different Parts/Kingdoms Of Abia State.

The First Was On December 27th, 2007 By My Home Community/Eze. He Conferred On Me  “Ikemba 1 Of Ibere Ancient Kingdom”. One Of The Prestigious & Reverence Titles Of The Land, For Reasons Best Known To Him.


Ibere Clan comprises fourteen (14) villages out of the fifty-seven (57) villages that make up Ikwuano LGA in Abia State.

Ibere Clan is divided into two (2) INEC wards: Ibere Ward 1 and Ibere Ward 2.

Ibere Ward 1 consists of six (6) villages, namely Iberenta, Isiala, Inyila, Elemaga, Ihim, and Amoru.

Ibere Ward 2, the largest ward in Ikwuano LGA and Abia State, is made up of eight (8) villages, which are Umulu, Ngwugwo, Obuohia, Umuemenike, Iyalu, Obuoro, Itunta, and Nkalunta.


As the councillor representing Ibere Ward 2, I completed my two-year tenure during our administration, which ran from January 2008 to January 2010. I served a single term and held a principal position in the Legislative Arm, as I was elected as “The Majority Leader of the Council” by my colleagues.

My Achievements (My Community).

  1. I ensured the registration and creation of files/records for the Umulu Community in Ikwuano LGA because my village was neither known nor recognized but was seen and treated as an extension of another village. I also ensured the inclusion of the Umulu Community on the map of Ibere Clan, Ikwuano LGA, by the Ikwuano Town Planning Authority and its inclusion on the maps of Abia State and Nigeria.
  2. I attracted and ensured the establishment of Umulu Community Migrant Farmers Primary School with support from Ikwuano Local Government Education Authority and Abia State Ministry of Education. This marked the very first and only government presence in the community to date. I secured approval from Abia State Universal Basic Education (ASUBEB) and took delivery of startup materials from their contractors, including textbooks for teachers and pupils, furniture for teachers and pupils, and other teaching and learning aids for school staff.
  3. In collaboration with the new Headmistress of the school, I purchased and had the very first set of school uniforms sewn for the pioneer pupils of the school before their resumption. Additionally, I attracted electricity to Umulu Community from the Federal Government with the help of our Federal House Member. This project included multiple high-tension poles, cables, accessories, and five brand new 300kVA transformers. I ensured its connectivity to the national grid, and it remains fully activated and operational to this day. This improvement benefited all the communities from Ndoro-Oboro to Itunta Ibere, as all wooden poles and substandard cables were replaced.
  4. I also attracted an industrial capacity borehole from Ikwuano LGA with the support of the Honourable Commissioner for Works, Abia State. This borehole came with a high-raising metal tank stand, four 1000-gallon overhead tanks, a two-room water house that was built, completed, and roofed with long-span corrugated and durable metal sheets. A 5kVA generating set was included for powering the borehole in case of NEPA-light failure. It is fully activated, reticulated, and functional to this day.
  5. I attracted two caterpillars to the Ibere Clan with the support of the Executive Chairman of Ikwuano LGA and stationed one in Umulu Community for three days. It graded the Ngwugwo – Umulu – Obuohia Road, a half-kilometer road, for the very first time in the history and existence of Umulu Community.
  6. With the help of the Honourable Commissioner for Works, Abia State, who was my mentor, I attracted state engineers from the Ministry of Works and the Ministry of Environment to inspect and control the devastating erosion sites in Umulu Community. The proposal received approval but wasn’t funded until our tenure ended.
  7. I also attracted state engineers from the Ministry of Environment, who inspected and took samples of the solid minerals deposited at different locations in Umulu Community, such as kaolin, tin ore, salt deposits, and iron ore. However, the tests showed that these minerals were in very negligible quantities and couldn’t be explored or tapped.
  8. With the support of our Federal House Member, I attracted two health centers from the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) Abuja to Abia State and Ikwuano LGA. These health centers were sited in Ibere Clan, specifically in Umulu Community and Iyalu Community. The Executive Chairman of Ikwuano, who was contacted to oversee the projects, insisted that they must be centralized to benefit Umulu Community and Ngwugwo Community, as well as Iberenta Community for the health center sited in Iyalu. This decision was also influenced by land acquisition issues.

My Achievements To My Constituents (Empowerment).

  1. I recommended and secured appointments for Mr. Godswill Mpama and Chief Chima Ofoegbu, both from the Umulu Community, as Personal Assistants (P.A.) to the Executive Chairman of Ikwuano, along with seven other Personal Assistants (P.As), one from each of the other villages that make up Ibere Ward 2.
  2. I ensured employment for Mrs. Rose Ejikeme Ndukwe and Mr. Godswill Mpama at Ikwuano Local Government Area as teachers and drivers, respectively. Rose was assigned to the Umulu Community, while Godswill was placed with Ikwu-Mass-Transit, serving routes between Lagos and Abuja from Umuahia.
  3. I printed customized exercise books and distributed them to every primary and secondary school in the eight villages under my representation to facilitate learning for pupils and students. Primary schools in Ibere Ward 2 received 20 dozen of exercise books, 20 dozens of pencils, 20 dozens of erasers, and 20 dozens of rulers each. Secondary schools, numbering three in Ibere Ward 2, received 40 dozen exercise books and 40 dozens of biros each.
  4. I purchased and distributed sixty cell phones with Airtel lines and wristwatches to loyal members of my political party in my ward. Each of the eight villages in Ibere Ward 2 nominated seven individuals, and they each received one cell phone, one Airtel line, and one wristwatch. The four ward leaders of my political party were given one cell phone, one Airtel line, and one wristwatch each.
  5. I also bought and distributed 100 original wax wrappers. Sixty pieces were given to the ward executives and faithful party members, while 40 pieces were shared among widows in my autonomous community.
  6. In December 2008 and again in December 2009, I provided twenty bags of rice and N100,000 in cash. On both occasions, each of the eight villages received two bags of rice and N10,000 in cash, with the ward leaders sharing the remaining four bags of rice and N20,000 for Christmas celebrations.
  7. My father and I jointly renovated and equipped Mt. Zion Light House Full Gospel Church in the Umulu Community, which serves as the ancestral worship centre for the community. We re-roofed, re-ceiled, re-floored, electrified, and repainted the church. Additionally, we furnished it with a complete set of musical instruments, including foreign drums, a standard keyboard (piano), a large amplifier, two large loudspeakers, two wireless microphones, and some plastic seats.