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Who we are

INSIDE & ABOUT NIGERIA is owned by INSIDE & ABOUT CITY MAGAZINE which was founded in 2013 by a young vibrant National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) member, Chinecherem P. Okeh, with the zeal to contribute positively to the development of his environment and great nation.

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As a Corp member serving in Akwa Ibom State, he experienced firsthand the need for everyone to witness the different sides and angles to being a Nigerian, respecting diversity in purpose and action.

Its establishment aimed to sell the different lifestyles in Nigeria, especially in communities, cities, sectors, etc., through print, media, and other means necessary. It is intended to give insights into all there is to know inside and about Nigeria.

Our vision is to consistently excel in providing information that will help in the growth and development of Nigeria.

INSIDE & ABOUT NIGERIA promotes excellence, inclusivity, and collaborative efforts at the country and global levels. We bear the skills and imagination to study, analyze and create new and exciting ideas in marketing in Nigeria.

We are known for thinking outside the box and providing cutting-edge solutions, which is why the name INSIDE & ABOUT.


Chief Uche Nnaji (NWAKAIBIE)

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Emmanuel Nwiika Deeyah

Emmanuel Nwiika Deeyah was born on December 25, 1965, in Gwara, Khana Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria. He is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in microbiology,
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