Jass Jegs’ story

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I have had experiences that tested my training, where combats and tactics led me out of what I will term a Warzone. Sharing this particular experience brings back blissful memories and I can only be proud that I and my Team were able to restore Peace.

Jass Jegs’ story

A Nigerian soldier who was stationed at Port Harcourt in the 2022 Elections, alongside his team played a key role in ensuring a Peaceful Election procedure.

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My Field story

During one of the Elections in Port Harcourt, when we arrived the residents where jubilating. It was on the day of election was when we knew why they were happy seeing us coming into town.

The number of gunshots from Emuoha, Etchie, Omudioga, Eleme and co was maaad.

We arrived Ogoni to Kana and got to Gokana by 2pm and there was no Election going on. Just as we assured them to start voting without fear, dynamite answered within few minutes. Serious firing followed. We told everyone to lie flat to avoid stray bullets.

See boys with brand new GPMGs, tied their heads and all that.

Luckily there was one MRAP on ground to do the magic. 😁 That gun doesn’t segregate neither does it discriminate. 😁😁

The next day there was proper deployment and everyone voted without noise.

I pitied the youth corpers that were assigned for elections that very day, they saw mini war.