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Ikechukwu Onyema Alamezie

Ikechukwu Onyema Alamezie hails from Obudi-Agwa in Oguta LGA of Imo state. He was born to the family of Mr. Jude Alamezie and Late Mrs Theresa Alamezie. He is the third child of four children born to his parents.



Early Life

My early life has been an interesting adventure. Since I was born in Lagos, Ajeromi to be precise, that is around the Ajegunle axis, growing up in the bustle of Lagos city inducted me into the unpalatable nature of being a Nigerian. My parents were staunch Catholics and raised us all in the fear of the Lord but amidst all that, I always thrilled myself with participating in all manner of childish adventure my fellow co-kids could invent. Though I spent my beginning years in Lagos, it developed in me a tough skin.


I have received an award of excellence from the NYSC/MDGs club where I served as a Public Relations officer

You know what they say, engineers build bridges, doctors treat sicknesses, and politicians create policies, but teachers make them all. I believe that my long-standing career as a teacher has in no small measure been a huge contribution to the health of the nation.

My achievements are unquantifiable as I have left footprints everywhere I worked


I began my educational journey at St. Michael’s nursery and primary school in Lagos. I only completed my nursery school there before the family relocated to Madalla, Niger state, where I resumed primary school at Queens science nursery and primary school, Madalla. Within this period, I believe I was an above average student because I skipped primary 3 and 6 altogether and still came out with distimction in my common entrance examination. A feat that put me third on the list in the Federal Ministry of Education’s admission list into the prestigious Federal Government College, Minna.

My secondary education at F.G.C. Minna is filled with bounteous experiences. Imagine entering a boarding school in 2001 at the age of 9 with my small frame. It was an unbelievable experience. I quite remember students and staff alike moping at me with disbelief upon my entrance into the school. I looked like a David in the midst of Goliaths. It wasn’t funny being in a boarding school at such a young age as I had to look after myself and clean up after myself. I guess it sharpened me up real quick. Those six years at FGC Minna was awesome. It was a topsy-turvy rollercoaster ride. There were moments of joy and sadness, gloom and boom, cries and laughter and most especially, it provided me an insight into the cultural diversity of Nigeria and I can beat my chest and say anywhere, any day, anytime that since I could survive FGC Minna, I can reside anywhere in Nigeria peacefully. Many of my close friends in school were Northerners and Westerners.

In 2008, I gained admission to study Philosophy in Imo State University. This period opened me up to the characteristic University life, my first encounter with politics and the tussle for leadership. Studying philosophy which many felt was an abstract course, but one which I thoroughly enjoyed because of my erudite lecturers and their characteristic humor coupled with amazing course mates. I was a shy kid in University days since I was virtually the smallest in the class. This didn’t upset me though since the big boys regarded me for my academic aptitude. We got along very well. I graduated IMSU with a very healthy Second Class upper (A healthy 2.1 as one of my lecturers called it).

After my first degree and my Youth service in Akwa-Ibom state, I had to go into the labour market. In 2021, I applied to the University of Lagos for Post-graduate studies. Too bad the ASUU strike disrupted the academic calendar but the programme is all but completed. I am to earn my Masters Degree Certification in philosophy by February, 2024.


I have always been a goal oriented individual with a keen interest in academics. I cannot tell how or when it happened, but education and teaching has been a deep passion of mine. My first classroom experience began with many other Nigerians, with NYSC. I was posted to teach in a secondary school at Ikot-Ekpene and it was an eye opener. I found out that what was so difficult for most of my peers came easy to me. I could teach without the tension of teaching and often wondered what the fuss about teaching was. It came naturally to me.

I have taught at various primary and secondary schools. At some point in 2019, while I was a facilitator for Asian Abacus Arithmetic, I taught even in nursery classes. I have been involved in the teaching profession from 2012 till date. I currently work as a Graduate Assistant at the renowned Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos.




Born in the West, bred in the North and hailing from the East, I would say that nothing about life is challenging to me. It all boils down the understanding the nature of whatever challenges us at any given moment. Notwithstanding the fact that I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, I would say that I turned out alright.

It pays to face challenges head-on, rather than pretend they don’t exist or procrastinate our actions. In all my challenges, both academically and financially, God has been faithful. I have been blessed with a supportive family and a close-knit circle of friends that genuinely care about my wellbeing. I would say I have been blessed by both worlds. Their support and encouragement made me who I am and with them as my pillars, I can face the challenges of life with God by my side. The God factor is central to my successes.


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